“To inspire social change through thought-provoking South Asian films, art, and storytelling”



Tasveer Festival

Tasveer Festival will showcase the best in South Asian film, literature, and storytelling in a hybrid festival. Through this festival, Tasveer will provide a platform to amplify under-represented South Asian voices, place a spotlight on South Asian artists, and create a safe space for dialogues within our communities.

Through the Tasveer Festival we strive to carry our mission of stimulating thinking and social change through storytelling, helping to empower, transform, heal, and entertain attendees. Our diverse programs will encourage people to start and hold dialogues focused on South Asian stories regarding representation, equity, climate change, LGBTQ issues, women’s rights, and much more.

“Nothing is more powerful than seeing your own language, your own colors, your own people, and your own dramas on screen.”
– Mira Nair, Director and Tasveer Alum


We want our community to engage with each other and with the society that we live in. We wanted to challenge our community to address the gaps, be they cultural, social, economic, or political. However, it is not only the South Asian community that we believe benefits from our events. Often times, the issues depicted in our films are relevant here in the United States or in other parts of the world

Festival Team

Tasveer Festival Team

Festival Director: Rita Meher
Development Manager: Ariel Brownstein
Marketing Manager: Manasi Mishra
Event Manager: Jamal Siddiqui
Program Manager: Ishita Saran
Technical Consultant: Jitendra Joshi
Social Media Consultant: Kenta Despe

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